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Adult Bereavement Counselling Service

Loss & Bereavement are issues that affect all of us at different points throughout our lives. Although a part of life, the impacts can be far reaching and you may feel like you're isolated, not coping, unable to move on with your own life.

What we are providing

A counselling service managed by experienced professionals

Direct Access by clients

Therapy with counsellors in training

To receive a service

To find out more call The Gaddum on 0161 834 6069

The Gaddum Centre is a Charity and this service is not funded and therefore we need donations to support its running costs.

The service is offered at The Gaddum Centre’s head office in Manchester:

Gaddum House, 6 Great Jackson Street, Manchester, M15 4AX

Where to Go

Name of venue
Gaddum Centre
Venue address
Gaddum House
6 Great Jackson Street
M15 4AX

Other Details

Who to Contact

Gaddum Centre
0161 834 6069
Last Updated: 02/09/2019