Community Shop (Tree of Life Centre)

Just got a house? Don't have much money? Then come to our community shop where you will find everything from knives and forks, cups and plates to beds, wardrobes, sofas and electrical items. And at prices you can afford - 3 piece suites are priced between £45 and £80 - and we are open to all members of the community. You can just walk through our door as you would any other shop. Or perhaps you feel a bit low and would love some retail therapy and a bit of company but do not have very much money. Then come along - our clothes start at as little as 50p for a blouse. And I haven't even begun to mention the pictures, ornaments, irons, tables, books, music. Lots of people come to us every week (we average over 100 customers a day) just for a browse round or to chat to our lovely volunteers. We know that when people are going through tough times it is especially difficult to make that first step and it horrifies us to hear that people are sleeping on the floor. We want to make a difference to your life so please come and see what we have. You can then make up your own mind about whether to choose furniture you can afford or not. Second hand doesn't mean rubbish - we think you will be really surprised at the quality of our stuff!

Who to contact

Contact Name
Colin Renshaw
0161 489 7018 0161 489 7018

Where to go

Tree of Life Centre
Greenbrow Road
Newall Green
M23 2UE
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All items are individually priced.


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