Endeavour - designed to support women, children and their pets escape from a life of violence and abuse to a better and caring future

Britain is a nation of animal lovers and many homes include pets as part of the family...

...but in homes where there is violence and abuse, pets are often threatened, injured or killed by violent men to maintain control over their partners and children. In a survey of 50 women pet owners living in refuges because of domestic violence, 2 out of 3 said their abuser had threatened to harm their pets; 38% said that he had actually harmed them and a massive 94% said if there had been a pet fostering service it would have made it easier for them and their children to escape the violence. Well over half had to give up their pets when going into the refuge as there was no other option.

In 1998, a pet fostering service for women pet owners going into refuges in the North West was launched and has grown from strength to strength.

If you are ready to leave... Endeavour can help.

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Endeavour Project
26 Chorley New Road
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