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Accessible Music Productions - for 18 - 25 year olds

On Tuesday 5th February and Tuesday 5th March we have our first two-part workshop.

Lead by Tom Edney from Memody CIC we will be using Garageband (a music making computer programme) to write and record our own songs.

On 15th March We have partnered up with Drake Music to put together a line-up of musicians with disabilities, and will also be playing some of the music we've made in this year's workshops


AMP Workshop: Making Music (Part 2) - HOME

When is it On?

Date & Time Information
Tuesday 5th February Tuesday 5th March- 6.30pm and Friday 15th March- 7pm

Other Details

Other Costs
Sign up for both of these workshops is, free as always, and online now

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Last Updated: 06/02/2019