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YOLO Wellbeing provides workplace health and wellbeing

YOLO Wellbeing provides workplace health and engagement to employers and health care providers. Our hands on and remote services provide health and wellbeing solutions to manage physical and mental stress and low level mental health.

We offer a hands-on service, the YOLO experience, which is a unique blend of massage and meditation that we deliver in a mobile calm space that we take to the workplace. The techniques we use have been proven to inhibit the release of Cortisol, the stress hormone; and boost happy chemicals including Seratonin, Oxytocin and Dopamine. Our customer feedback for these services is extremely positive, you can view some of our testimonials here.

The pandemic forced us to rethink how we continue to support businesses with physical and mental stress whilst their workforce was wokring remotely. We identified the key health risks from home working are musculoskeletal health from working at improvised workstations; isolation and poor mental wellbeing. In response to the pandemic we designed online solutions to address these health adn wellbeing risks. The YOLO Wellebing DSE Health and Mental Wellbeing sessions are interactive and delivered live which increases engagement. We are passionate about delivering a service that does not only shows that you care about your teams, but also delivers a return on investment. Through the delivery of our sessions we have enabled the intervention of 6% of employees who were at breaking point and 41% of participants were suffering with deteriorating musculoskeltal injuries. Find more details here

For more information /  01772 283139

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Oak Bank
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We come to you....or we work remotely.

We don't work with individual clients.

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09.00 - 17.30
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We provide service to corporate clients or group bookings
please contact us for further information.

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We can be used for social prescribing to address physical and mental stress and low level mental ill-health, minimum numbers apply. Qualifications and insurance available on request (covered up to £5m).


We cover the Greater Manchester area with our hands-on YOLO Wellbeing experience and unlimited reach with our online service. We prefer to use Zoom but on request may provide our services on other platforms. We have wheel chair access in to the mobile calm space, this must be advised at time of booking as we don't carry equipment unless required. Therapists are DBS checked.

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Cheryle Britton
Additional Notes

We come to you....or we work remotely.

We don't work with individual clients.

Last Updated: 22/01/2021