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Venture Arts have two creative projects that over 100 SEND families can do at home this holidays. The first is to join artist Dominic Bennet in creating ceramic weasels, inspired by the characters in The Wind In The Willows. Dominic would love you to help expand a weasel army to be exhibited across the country! He will send you a box containing all the clay, tools and step by step guidance you need to create some weasels to join his army – plus one for you to keep. You'll have a couple of weeks to work on your creations before they get collected, put in kiln and then returned to you again for glazing. You can also use the clay to make your own creation if you want to! Booking essential - call 0161 219 2125.

Later in August, you can join artist and story teller Louise Hewitt in making your own ceramic garden monster. Louise creates stories and ceramic monsters to teach children about nature, the environment and gardening. Louise will send you a box containing everything you need. More info to follow.

Both Dominic and Louise are supported by Venture Arts, an art centre for people with learning disabilities.


When is it On?

Date & Time Information
Mon-Fri 10am-4pm.
Last Updated: 28/07/2020