Young Carers Rights - Guides to Support and Plans.

Young Carer Guides to Support: 

These guides have been coproduced with Manchester Young Carers and members of the Young Carers Partnership. These guides can aid conversations with children and young people who are identified as or suspected to be young carers. 

The guides help explain a young carers right to assessment, the assessment process and what support is available to them. Please do read through and select the guide most appropriate for the children or young people you are working with. All our resources are continually under review, and we welcome feedback and suggestions.

A Guide to Support Age 5+

A Guide to Support Age 11+

Young Carers Plans: 

Young Carers Know Your Rights: 

Informed by the Manchester Young Carers Forum #BeBothered Campaign this easy read booklet, produced by a number of local organisations, can help young carers to understand their rights and the right of those they care for.



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